Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Sweetheart Six: Vintage Florals

For this week's Sweetheart Six I have chosen some wonderfully vintage inspired floral patterns. The vintage theme has been around for quite some time now, and it's here to stay for even longer yet! I think the reason it's resonated so well with customers is because it's so adaptable. These floral patterns can range from demure and sophisticated to overtly girly and saccharine sweet! 

1. Set of 4 Floral Bird Teaspoons by Cath Kidston
Now I couldn't really pick six vintage inspired florals without choosing a Cath Kidston piece now could I?! This particular pattern would sit very nicely in a country cottage themed kitchen. And what is even better is that with such a small amount pattern you can add a hint of floral to your kitchen without overwhelming the room.

2. Shabby Chic Vintage Floral and Lace Throw Cushion by Zazzle

A cushion is one of those pieces of decor that will instantly change the look and feel of a room., and instantly display what the theme of the room is. This cushion feature a peony pattern, which will add variety to a floral theme as a lot of patterns I have seen feature roses. I have chosen a classic pink, cream and blue but this comes in a variety of colour ways. My favourite aspect about this cushion? Well it also has a lace pattern running in the background. Gorgeous! 

3. Four Vintage Inspired Stacking Cups by Ceramics For Everyone
I think these four stacking cups are absolutely adorable! They have such a loud saccharine sweet floral pattern and having them spell a word just lifts them to a whole new level! There are several great things about these mugs; storing them is super easy (they stack!), they make a statement in your kitchen and they would make a beautiful gift! 

4. Home Storage Floral Storage Boxes by George Asda
Now a lot of us want our home to be a calming place away from the noise and bright colours of everyday life. So rainbow coloured ultra girly floral patterns are not going to be your cup of tea. The beautiful thing about vintage inspired floral patterns is that they are so versatile, so there are a whole range of simple sophisticated colour ways out these. This stunningly simple grey and yellow rose pattern on a white background is just breath taking. These boxes would work really well in a grey and yellow themed living room.

5. Floral Watering Can by Decorexi
Vintage florals are not just confined to your home, you can also incorporate them into your garden as well! This has a lovely subdued colour palette, but still retains it's girliness. This would look lovely on your patio, or buy a few and plant your favourite bloom or herb inside the watering can. 

6.  Floral Laundry Bag by Next
Last, but by no means least, is this beautiful demure laundry bag. We all know that doing the laundry isn't the most glamorous of household chores, but this enchanting and classic pattern certainly helps. The neutral colour way means that it'll match almost any colour scheme that you already have and will add a touch of elegance to any room. 

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